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Things to do in Hobart

With a perfect blend of contrasting heritage, culture, and scenery, Hobart is quite an unassuming travel destination in Australia. Located at the mouth of Derwent River, you will also find an incredible number of things to do in Hobart with a wide range of bars and eateries to accompany every visit. Yes, Hobart is a magnet for foodies and an ideal spot to enjoy local produce in the land down under, from wines and ciders to sublime seafood dishes.

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However, Hobart is also known for having a certain variety which ensures there is much more to the city than food and drink. Yes, with wine tours, art galleries, food markets and historic walking tours; you should find no end of things to do in Hobart:

Things to do in Hobart

Enjoy kayaking and crayfish in the harbour

Most accommodation providers will organize this hugely popular activity, and it’s not hard to see why. Fishing is a major player when it comes to the economy in Hobart, and a kayak trip through the harbour offers a great insight into this side of local lifestyle but also the purity of the Hobart coastline. Travelling through the waterways, your guide will often point out many submerged crustaceans, the Australian crayfish and toward the end, you also have an opportunity to pick out a crayfish which will then be fully cooked and delivered to your hotel room in the evening.

Take a wine tasting escapade

Hobart is home to some of the most exquisite wineries that attract connoisseurs from all over the world. Wine tasting can be quite an expensive hobby but unknown to most tourists, there is an affordable wine tasting experience in the Gasworks Cellar Door most evenings at 2 Macquarie Street. Here, you can sample almost every variety of wine in the entirety of Tasmania, and with such a pleasant setting, this is undoubtedly one of the lesser known and unique things to do in Hobart.

Here are also some of the best places to continue a wine tasting experience in Hobart:

• Lark Distillery
• Moorilla Estate Winery
• Forgmore Creek Winery

Walk like a local in Farm Gate Market

The crowds mingling in the market may seem a little overwhelming at first glance, but once you find your feet, this is one of the most fun things to do in Hobart. The popular Farm Gate Market is an inner city food sanctuary where visitors can find anything from pizzas and wallaby burritos to fresh oysters. You can even taste the Tasmanian wasabi in one of the stalls, but overall there is something for everyone here because everywhere you look, you can find something fresh, juicy, and delicious. Either way, just make sure to check out the sourdough doughnut at the end – divine.

Here are some of the great stalls in the market:

• Lady Hester Sourdough Donut
• Pacha Mama Mexican
• Masaaki’s Famous Sushi
• Bury Me Standing Coffee Stall
• Hobart Oyster House

Indulge in some art appreciation (or shopping)

Inspired by a historic past, art is most definitely central to the identity of Hobart so while Salamanca Market attracts visitors in search of food, the far side of the road cradles some of the most visually exciting places. Take for example “The Maker” in Salamanca Arts Centre and the incredible collection of Japanese treasures, amazing clothing labels, artisan made delightful fabrics, even books, and maps. Another popular art gallery is The Gallery 77 which is home to multiple original pieces of Tasmanian timber crafted bowls, toys, plates, and boxes. And then there is Masons Studio Jewelry, a tiny red ceiling artisan studio showcasing a traditional goldsmith method creating unique masterpieces of jewelry. You can come here to shop or just to admire, but either one is worth the effort.

Take a historic walking tour of Battery Point

For every trip, one of the main goals is to refresh, replenish, and be away from the usual crowd and stress of daily life. However, it is also nice to understand a destination which is why taking a historic walking tour along the streets and sandstones in Hobart can feel so worthwhile. Battery Point is now a cultural area for tourists but the artifacts and stories behind the old city are quite fascinating and an important reason for why the city is home to so much variety. Lasting just a few hours, taking a walking tour of Battery Point is one of the most educational things to do in Hobart.

Nightlife and Eating Out in Hobart

As already mentioned, Hobart is an exciting place for foodies to explore and with a vibrant nightlife, there is always somewhere to go afterward. On most corners and side streets throughout this metropolis, you can find genuinely memorable bars or eateries with just a few examples being Preachers, Sixty Jazz Club and Frank Restaurant.

Located down a narrow street next to the wharf area in Salamanca, Preachers is a charming place to be social in winter when it hosts board games and an open fire, but there is also an antique bus serving drinks on the lawn in summer months. Now, this may seem a little tacky, but locals and tourists alike absolutely love this place and the opportunity to sit in a front yard with the sun beating down. Another popular place to eat in Hobart is Frank Restaurant and simply put, nowhere else in Hobart can compare to their exquisite selection of South American dishes. With a strong focus on Argentinian cuisine, Frank is famous for a sublime menu with everything from local oysters to the restaurant’s specialty, the beef rump cap.

At the same time, these are just two of the many excellent eateries and the nightlife is equally as impressive. Downtown you can venture into the exclusive Sixty Jazz Club which allows a maximum of sixty revelers to enjoy the music each night while the Republic Bar is another great venue with distinctive features including art deco brickwork, superb beer garden, and fine reputation with local Tasmanians. Whether you seek out one of these hidden hubs or take to Elizabeth Street for a typical Australian Rock and Hip-Hop vibe, Hobart is an exciting place to be when night falls.

Steeped in history and offering an incredible tour for the senses, the “Apple Isle” may be sitting in the shadows of Sydney and Melbourne as a travel destination but make no mistake; Hobart is a very appetizing adventure. Featuring art galleries, historic remnants, fun activities and a vibrant nightlife; one thing is for sure, you will want to return.

Article by Derek Cullen

“Derek Cullen is an Outdoor Blogger from Ireland who has spent the past nine years traveling more than fifty countries around the world. Although currently working as a guide in Africa, Derek has also spent extended periods in Canada, Thailand and Australia.” My blog: http://www.nohangingaround.com