Travelling in Australia. There are many options

Australia is a wonderful place to visit, whether backpacking or going five star. It has such a variety of scenery and so many options of places to visit, and many exciting things to do. Accommodation can be anything from camping, caravan parks, motels, hotels, backpacker hostels or couch surfing for the brave. Many thrifty travelers buy a van and then sell it when going home

A big Island Down South

Australia is a huge country in the Southern hemisphere. Being an island continent it is surrounded by many wonderful sandy  beaches, sand dunes for four wheel driving, spectacular cliffs, rocky shores with amazing rock formations and some of the wildest coasts in the world. Tasmania is the Southernmost part of Australia.  Itself being an island it is surrounded by beaches and magnificent coastlines. It has some of the loveliest green countryside in Australia and is rich in history.

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A Land with Mountains, Deserts, Forests, Oceans Cities and More

The Australian landscape varies from the fiercest, harshest most barren deserts, to the lushest farmland, the most spectacular rain forests, fantastic beaches and wonderful Aboriginal sites with  ancient rock carvings. There are natural caves and waterfalls in the mountains and snow fields perfect for winter sports and for the hiker there are many great choices. The cities offer great entertainment and places to eat.

Beware of Dangers. Australia has some Wild Places

Australia has some notable dangers which the intrepid traveler needs to be aware of.  There are crocodiles in the waters up North and  various snakes Australia wide, some of which have a lethal bite. Traveling in the desert is not without risk. Adequate preparations must be  made before the trip. Because of the immense distances with no shops, service stations or water for hundreds of kilometers travelers should let the authorities or family or friends know where they are going to be, and when they are expected to arrive at their destination. In this modern era it is usually possible to stay in touch via radio or phone. Much of Australia, believe it or not, does not have phone or internet coverage. We are working on it. When traveling in the outback be sure that you keep in touch so that if you break down or get sick someone will know about it and you can get help.

So many Choices for the Traveler.

Australia has something to suit anyone who comes  here for a visit.  From the person who wants to have the wildest, most adventurous time of there lives, to the person who wants a relaxing and quiet holiday. Australia is an ideal place for the family to relax and enjoy the cities and countryside, and to explore the beaches and go on one of the many bush hikes. It is perfect for the independent backpacker. The choices are limitless. Water skiing, biking, swimming, boating, hiking, hang gliding, scuba diving, just to mention a little of what one can do while visiting Australia.

This site will continue to add places of interest for the visitor. We welcome you to Australia. Enjoy yourself.